1922 Ford Model T Ken & Dianna from New Hampshire

The grandfather of Ken’s wife, Holman, graduated in 1923 as valedictorian of his class. As a reward, his dad bought him a brand new 1922 Ford Model T. The Model T was used on and off, but after a 75-year rest, it came back to life. Ken brought the Model T home to Holman’s son Roy where memories and stories were shared. Ken’s father got the car running and spent months restoring the Model T, keeping everything original. After a long Pittsburg, winter and a few test-drives with snow still on the ground, the Model T was registered once again with its original 1922 plates. Memorial Day weekend 2018, Ken and the family, dressed in 1920’s outfits, were able to drive his wife’s grandfather’s car down the road tooting the old horn to him as they passed the family cemetery. As they pulled into the family farm, there was John, Roy’s brother, waiting with hat and jacket in hand waiting for his first ever ride in his father’s car. Everything on the car, including the dust, is as it was from years ago. Most importantly, the car has never left the family. Four generations later, the car once again lives in Pittsburg, eager to go on a tour around town, acting as a time capsule to open old memories and relive the past.

Courtney Garber