1977 Pontiac Firebird TransAm Adam from North Carolina

Major James “Adam” Barlow had always wanted a Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am, and his wife Amanda bought him a 1977 Trans Am Special edition as a Christmas present, but it was in need of some TLC. Adam drove it for a year in the same condition Amanda purchased it before dropping it off for a fresh coat of paint. The shop owner promised him a good paint job with a few corners cut to save him some money, and a few days after he dropped his Trans Am at the shop, Adam left for a yearlong deployment in Afghanistan.

After Adam left, his father Jim contacted the shop and put a stop to the work Adam had requested, telling them that he wanted this car to be brand new when he got back from Afghanistan. The guys at the shop had to tell a few lies to Adam whenever he would call to check on his car and at times they had a hard time telling the difference between Adam and his dad.

With the help of all the guys at the restoration shop, along with Amanda and Jim, they created an exact replica of Adam’s dream car. When he finally came home from deployment he was picked up from the plane at camp in his new Trans Am, which he described as a dream come true.


Although I have enjoyed chatting about collector cars for the last 8 years, in all honesty I would rather see and hear them coming down the road. What I truly enjoy most is instilling what I have learned into my young son’s mind and seeing his eye sparkle at the sight of automotive history.