1971 Ford Bronco Adrian from California

In 1971, Adrian walked into Tuban Ford in Mountain View, CA and bought the 1971 Ford Bronco that was sitting in the showroom. Deciding he didn’t like the horsepower offered in the stock engine, Adrian installed a Ford 351 Windsor to give the Bronco some more kick! Adrian treated the Bronco in a rough fashion; hauling, camping, pulling trailers, and enjoying the environment of California. Adrian kept the Bronco and maintained it in great condition while going through a variety of daily drivers; a ’56 Chevrolet BelAir Sport coupe, a ’60 Pontiac Ventura that was set up for drag racing, a ’92 Ford Mustang, and lastly a 2005 PT Cruiser that he bought, in his words, “because I calmed down a bit over the years.” Adrian is proud to have the Bronco and hopes to inspire future car collectors to take the time to appreciate the history and memories of each vehicle they own.

Jameson Toma