1956 Jaguar Mark I Sedan Allen from New York

This Jaguar originally belonged to Allen’s uncle who bought it new from a Studebaker dealer in Alexandria, VA in 1956. His uncle drove it every day from his farm in Clifton, VA to work in DC. He always had issues with the Jaguar’s master cyclinder; the dealer kept replacing it, but couldn’t figure out what the problem was. The fuel pump also had issues—there were points that would pit every 8-10k miles.  Needless to say, Allen’s uncle always carried tools when he drove the car because he wanted to be prepared in case of a breakdown.

Allen shared some memories of the vehicle from his childhood. He recalled his uncle taking him and his brother on terror rides on the backroads. He also noted that his uncle had five dogs that often rode in the car and that his aunt frequently smoked two packs a day in the Jaguar, yet, his uncle never washed the car from 1956 to 1963.

In 1963, Allen’s uncle parked the Jaguar in his carport on the farm. The vehicle would become a “de-facto storage locker” and remain in this location until 1965. The vehicle was rediscovered buried in and behind so much random stuff you couldn’t tell it was a car. Allen had the vehicle winched out and flatbed shipped to Eddy Miller. Even with the original ply tube tires, the paint and windows yellowing from neglect, the old plate hanging from the front bumper, the vehicle still received thumbs up as it travelled down the interstate. (They hit a bump and the plate actually flew off!)

Allen’s uncle told him he was crazy for restoring a vehicle that started out with so many issues brand new. Straight out of the dealership, the car had tons of rattles. After Westchester Classic cars restoration, it has none.

The Peugeot in Columbo is a “much finer car” according to Allen’s uncle.  Although he prefers the Peugeot, Allen’s uncle concedes that after the restoration was completed in 2000 the paint looks even better than it did new. Allen has been a happy Hagerty customer ever since!