1977 Pontiac Firebird Esprit Sky Bird Andrea from Arizona

Today I spoke with Andrea about her 1977 Pontiac Firebird Esprit, Lombard Blue “Sky Bird”. Andrea’s first car was a Firebird Esprit, she took her Driver’s Ed road test in it. She remembers being embarrassed on her road test, her car needed a new muffler, and the policeman scolded Andrea that part of being a responsible car owner is proper maintenance! Andrea has always wanted another Esprit, she has been looking for years. They are hard to find due to not many being made, only 34,548 Esprits in 1977 according to the Hagerty Valuation Tool. No exact numbers of Sky Birds are available, estimates are 4,000 to 5,000. Most were 6 cylinders, the 350cid 4bbl in her car is a rare option, along with factory A/C and the CB antenna.

Then, Andrea’s dad found one on eBay, a barn find! The history is the original owner from Milford, Ohio drove it very little, mostly to church on Sundays. He parked it in 1987, then moved it to storage in 1993 with 8,000 original miles on it. At some point, the Lombard Blue snowflake wheels were stolen. The owner passed away, his estate sold his two classic cars, and the story is that Richard Rawlings from Gas Monkey purchased the other car, a 1969 Riviera featured on season 7 of the show but passed on the Firebird. His loss! The 2nd owner bought her out of the warehouse in Cincinnati and shipped her to California.

A wash and a wax, new tires, new belts and hoses, new fluids, and she started right up! Still sporting the original paint, Sky Bird decals, original interior, the spare tire looks new, and with all the original documentation. After about another 1,000 miles were put on her, to the current total of just over 9,000. Then it was decided to sell the Sky Bird to someone that would love and appreciate her.

After getting the call from her dad, Andrea’s husband Joey took a day off, and made a 5-hour drive to see the car, and made the purchase. They brought the Sky Bird home and Andrea could not be happier, her enthusiasm was completely contagious, even over the phone. I shared a laugh with her about how I have four Firebirds on my desk, and about how my dad took me to see “Smokey and the Bandit” at the Elk Rapids Cinema in 1977. She said that is still one of her favorite movies to this day.

Andrea told me that it was going to be very tough for her to go to work today since the car is now all legal and ready to be driven!

Dan Bradfield