1958 Chris Craft 19' Art from Florida

Before going in to the service, Art spent many afternoons out on his boat on Greenwood Lake. He would cruise by one of the homes on the lake where a classic wooden boat was docked which especially caught his eye. Occasionally the owners would be outside and he would wave and they would wave back. This went on for some time until one day they waved him in and invited him to sit and visit with them. He learned that they were the original owners of the boat, a 1958 19’ Chris Craft Capri, and as the couple was elderly, it was only ran when their children or grandchildren were visiting. Art became close friends with them. Eventually he went in to the service, and upon his return in 1972, he received a startling call. His friend Bill had passed, and his now widowed wife explained that he wanted Art to have the boat.

As the boat had never been restored, it was long overdue for some TLC. For 34 years, the boat sat in storage. Art’s wife Nancy was eager to see the boat restored to its glory and frequently asked her husband when it would be done. “Someday”, he would reply. Finally in 2006, after spending a year in restoration, the Capri was ready to come home. The boat was kept original except for a new bottom, upholstery, and finish. The most exciting and memorable part for Art was walking Nancy to the transom and showing her the name especially chosen for their boat and beautifully scribed in flowing cursive, “It’s Someday”. Their dream had been realized.

They enjoyed the boat together for five years before Nancy passed. She was the inspiration for bringing the boat back to life, and Art still carries on their tradition of showing the boat at events around the country.

Nominated by Camille in Marine