1958 Ford Edsel Art and Jackie from Alaska

Art's Edsel is a stock nine-passenger Bermuda that weighs 3,987 pounds — one of only two known to still be in existence. And while the other one has been restored, this one is original. Art’s father bought the vehicle in 1958 when they were about to discontinue the vehicle and no one seemed to be a fan. He took it home and placed it on blocks and told everyone that someday it might be a collector. As Art’s father got older he said he didn’t want the car anymore and Art’s son, Jason, who was 13 at the time, asked him if he could have it because he thought it was cool. Art’s father decided to give the vehicle to Art and his wife, Jackie, with the intention of passing it down to Jason someday.

Jackie and Art then had the Edsel shipped to their house, surprised to be getting the car. When they got it there, they only replaced some engine hoses and changed some fluids and it started right up. Nothing else has ever been changed on the car — it's a true survivor. The vehicle will go to Jason when Art passes, and eventually to Jason’s son, Max, who is 10 months old. They have retired the Edsel from shows these days — upon seeing it, other owners would leave the show because the Edsel would typically win.

Submitted by Sarah, Auto Sales & Service

I have worked at Hagerty for about a year and a half and have a real passion for classics and the stories that go along with them. My fiancé and I have a 1971 Mach 1 Mustang that is under restoration and we can’t wait to enjoy it. In my spare time I enjoy my other two “horsepowered” hobbies, boating and horseback riding.