1950 Ford Police Cruiser Barb from Michigan

Barb purchased this 1950 Ford Police Car as a birthday gift for her husband Carl who had retired after 45 years of service on the police force. He spent 35 years in the Detroit Police Department, retiring as a Commander. He then moved to Eaton Rapids for a short while and finally ended up in Northfield Township, which is where he finally retired from the force. His wife Barb had been hiding this vehicle from him for a month at their local mechanic’s shop. She took him out to dinner for his birthday and had her son-in-law move the vehicle into their driveway while they were out. On their way home she gave him a book about antique police cars to keep him occupied, which wasn’t difficult because he loves old police cars, while she drove them home. When they pulled in the driveway, Carl was in shock. Barb told me he said “Oh my god” about a million times. He then spent the rest of the night, well after dark, in the driveway calling all his friends and walking around the car. They have already driven all over town in it and he said it was the best gift he’s ever received. Barb said she felt he deserved it so much because he had devoted his life to such a worthy career. He even had to put his old uniform on before pictures could be taken!

Shannon Beady