1930 Ford Model A Coupe Barbara from Arizona

For some, a memory is represented as a photo in a frame; for others, it's a letter or a piece of jewelry. For Barbara, it's a 1930 Ford Model A. Barbara says that when her husband brought this car home in 2001 to rebuild it, "it was a piece of junk!" Her husband was a mechanic and spent his days restoring this car into a hot rod. "He was really good at this stuff," she said. Barbara's husband did most of the restoration from the frame up. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2007, and the car was left unfinished. Knowing how much effort he put into rebuilding the car, and remembering how much he enjoyed the hobby, she made it her goal to hire out help to have the car finished. "It's a beautiful car; I only wish he could have been alive to see it run," she said. She made sure it was not only finished, but restored to the hot rod standard that her husband would have loved. She has had the car restored in his honor, and will leave it to their children. Barbara wants to make sure that this car stays in their family.

She is currently seeking out ways to become more involved in the hobby for hot rod enthusiasts. When she learned about Hagerty's Classic of the Week program, she not only wanted to submit her story for her late husband, but she said she would make sure she told him to send a little luck from above. She is and will forever be proud of this Ford Model A, as it represents his love for classics as well as her determination to finish what he started.

Nominated by Brittney in Outbound Sales

Hey y'all, my name is Brittney Filion. Raised in Alabama and Georgia, I come from the land of sweet tea, sunshine, and soul food. I have lived in Traverse City for almost 4 years now and have truly loved being a part of the Hagerty family. If I could have any classic car, it would definitely be a 1967 Mustang. I would give it to my Dad, the true muscle car guy.