1933 Seagrave Pumper Bill from New York

Bill is a 3rd generation Fire Fighter, recently retired, and proud of showing off his Firetrucks. The '33 Seagrave Pumper truck he’s owned for 10 years but it’s been in his family a long time, and was also original to his own Fire Department. It was taken out of service in 1969 and now he uses it in parades and car shows.

Also in his collection is a 1933 Seagrave Ladder truck which he’s owned for 6 years. This truck was retired in 1976 from his own fire department, so he has a piece of the town’s history. On static display, because it has no motor, is a horse drawn 1892 Remington Rotary pumper.

Bill retired as the Fire Chief just like his Dad before him. His Dad passed down an orange color cover, called a touk that went over the shifter so that there was always something of his Dad’s on the Fire Truck.

Sue Oleniczak