1915 Excelsior Twin Motorcycle Bill from Pennsylvania

Back in the 1930s, Bill’s great-uncle rode this 1915 Excelsior Twin Motorcycle. After his great-uncle stopped riding it, the motorcycle sat in Bill’s grandmother’s garage for years. When Bill turned 18, his grandmother gave him the motorcycle and he has held onto it ever since. He spent a few years debating what to do with his bike, not knowing how rare or valuable it was, until making the decision to have it restored. The restoration took time but the motorcycle has been done now for a few years. It stays in Bill’s living room, where he enjoys looking at it. He doesn’t really take it out, but for the motorcycle’s upcoming 100th birthday, Bill is thinking of starting it up and taking it for a short ride. He enjoys taking the motorcycles to shows, especially due to the reactions the motorcycle receives.

Submitted by Angela, Auto Sales & Service