1960 Nash Metropolitan Bill from Indiana

Bill’s mom, Maria, came to America from Portugal several decades ago. Working hard to save up for her first American purchase, Maria bought a brand new 1961 Nash Metropolitan. Proud of her car, she stuck a “Proud to be American” sticker on the back windshield, hung Rosary beads from the rearview mirror and took a picture of her young family standing in front of the Nash. Around 1996, Maria gave the car to her son Bill in Ohio. When Maria would visit, she would see the car in Bill's garage, until one day in 2000. Bill had taken it to a professional shop for a restoration that spanned eight years.

Maria celebrated the birthday of a lifetime in spring 2010. While the family distracted her, Bill pulled a trailer up to her house and unloaded the restored '61 Nash. Complete with original sticker on the rear window that Bill had painstakingly salvaged, and beads hanging on the rear-view mirror, Bill unveiled the beautifully restored Nash to Maria for her 80th birthday.

Submitted by Lisa, Auto Sales & Service