1968 Volkswagen Fastback Bob from California

When Bob was 17 years old he worked for a dairy and was saving to buy a ‘69 Plymouth Roadrunner, but his dad swayed him from purchasing a fast car for something more practical. He found a ‘66 VW, bought it and when he joined the Navy, he took it with him to the Phillipines. Bob met his wife and built many memories of their courtship in that first VW. When he left the Phillipines, he sold the ‘66 and always regretted it. Two and a half years ago, he found this almost identical classic and restored it to showroom condition! Bob won an award for Best Original Restoration in November 2012 and reports that the VW gets lots of attention whenever it goes out and about.

Submitted by Lori, Underwriter

I have been working at Hagerty for 11 years.  I was born & raised in MI and proud to call Traverse City my home.   My favorite car is the ’55 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster.   The location of Hagerty, headquartered here in TC is such a plus, love the area & working here!