1971 Pontiac GTO Brett from North Carolina

Brett and his 1971 Pontiac GTO, nicknamed “Defiance,” go back more than 30 years. The car earned its name in defiance of Brett’s dad, who was a Mopar guy and wouldn’t have anything to do with the car. That is until one night, when his father needed to use the GTO to jump his own car during a blizzard.

The GTO is like a part of the family, serving a role in many of their milestones. It’s a car that Brett and both his children have worked on, replacing every nut and bolt, and have attended many shows in as a family. The GTO has a few accomplishments of its own, including a 1st place win at the GTO Nationals.

Brett’s newest adventure with Defiance is teaching his 25-year-old how to drive the car. His son is also a Pontiac enthusiast and proud owner of a Firehawk. This family’s motto is: “Polish per every mile."

Submitted by Michelle, Auto Sales & Service