1989 BMW 735IL Carl from Florida

This vehicle used to belong to a major drug dealer in Florida. After owning it for a year, the felon was being chased by the police and got into an accident, resulting in him being captured and the vehicle confiscated by the FBI. The vehicle has all kind of “high-tech” modifications done to it, for storage of the illegal substances and weapons. It has components that open with the touch of a button, plates that switch to the side for a secret compartment and more.

After the vehicle was involved in a collision, it was taken to a repair shop. The owner of this repair shop was Carl’s dad. He fixed this vehicle and went to the extent of getting a lawyer in order to obtain the vehicle and continue with the restoration but now owning it.

Carl was still a little boy, sharing a passion project with his father. It was a lot of work and long nights of work but the vehicle was fixed and looking better than ever. Even though the parts are still stock, additional equipment was added to it.

Carl’s dad passed away some years ago. Carl inherited this family token and he plans on giving it to his son when the years keep passing. This vehicle is a family gem to them, he can’t possibly put a price on it and all the incredible stories it has lived through.

Andrea Rios