1963 Volkswagen Bus Carol Ann from New Hampshire

Carol Ann grew up in southern California during the height of surfing and hippies. She has had a passion for VW Beetles her entire life and now has four of them on her Hagerty policy. Recently Carol Ann added a 1963 Volkswagen Bus that she discovered has an amazing history and story to tell.

This 1963 Camper Bus is infamous in several ways: In 1964 it was sued by the United States Government, yes a vehicle was sued by the government “United States of America vs ONE 1963 VOLKSWAGEN CAMPER”. The original owner, Thomas Post a descendant of the Post Cereal family of Washington DC apparently abandoned the vehicle and the government sued to get the title of the Camper Bus. The Camper Bus sat in impound until 1972 when it sold at public auction for only $175.00.

The next owners were going through the Camper Bus when they discovered an unused $4.00 concert ticket for the first ever Beatles concert in the United States February 11, 1964 at the Washington DC Coliseum Arena. How did an unused 1964 Beatles concert ticket end up in this abandoned Camper Bus? In research they found out that in 1964 a women left a note on the windshield of the Camper Bus for Thomas Post to contact her. She wanted to know if Thomas would "ferry some people in the bus" for her in a couple days and she would pay him. "I just need you to take my clients to a concert on Tuesday evening (Feb 11, 1964)." Pick them up at the Shoreham Hotel and take them to the Washington Coliseum. "It's your bus I'm interested in. I want to provide them with a spiffy ride to the concert."

Upon delivering her clients at the Coliseum the woman gave Thomas two tickets for the concert, thus the unused ticket was the second ticket that Thomas never expected to receive let alone the one ticket he used to watch the concert.

The clients he drove were the four BEATLES; John, Paul George and Ringo. (The limo at the hotel was the decoy vehicle). Yes, Thomas transported the Beatles to and from the Coliseum, delivering them to a different location where a reception was held after the concert. The unused $4.00 ticket to the Beatles first ever concert in the USA discovered in the old abandoned Camper Bus sold on eBay for $5,111.

So this 1963 Volkswagen Bus IS a part of American History:

It’s been sued and jailed

It’s a descendent of success

It’s carried Iconic Superstars

It represents Hippie Pop Culture

It’s a rare breed, rare body and rare model: Included in Carol Ann’s purchase is the certification document from Volkswagen which verifies the bus is the rare split window, Twin Barn door model. Included is the original government auction document from 1972. Also included are two surfboards, the luggage on the correct roof rack, a colorful tent made for VW buses and more.

A book has been written and dedicated to this historical, infamous 1963 VW Camper Bus titled “Hippie Van” by Robert Luther.

Laurie Lawrence