1951 Chevrolet Series 3100 Charles from Alabama

Charles has owned this truck for over 20 years. He and his wife were looking for a fun truck for her to drive around and went to look at a 1956 Studebaker. On the way to look at that truck she spotted this one on the side of the road for sale and insisted they look at it on the way back. As wives often do, she got her way and they stopped in. Charles described the truck as a 40-footer when they first looked at it, which was perfect for his wife since she wanted something to drive around a lot. Upon purchasing the truck she noticed that it didn’t have seat-belts, since they were purchasing it from a mechanic he put the truck into neutral and rolled back down the driveway to see if he had any seat-belts. Belts acquired they started off again, but then she noticed there was no blinker. Back down the drive they went to see about a blinker. The guy had one that Charles could just wire up to the steering wheel and they were off one more time. Oops! There’s no radio, she had to have a radio. So they rolled back down the drive one last time to get a radio. This truck was a beloved vehicle to his wife for many years and he enjoyed it too, using it as the subject of his budding photography skills. I love that this story demonstrates a couple’s equal appreciation for collecting great vintage vehicles!

Marcy Potter