2016 Chevrolet COPO Camaro Chris from Texas

Chris was at home, watching the Dallas Stars, cruising the Internet. He never thought he'd win, but he entered for an online lottery anyway in December. In May of 2015, Chris got the email that he won Camaro #22 of #69 made for 2016, but thought it was a scam. He called Patterson Elite Motorsports in Augusta, KS to try and verify that he won. He spoke to an employee over the phone who said: “Read me the 1st paragraph, and read me the bottom line.” The employee then confirmed it was real and asked Chris to hang on a minute. Mr. Patterson himself got on the phone and asked him how it felt to be an owner of a COPO Camaro? Obviously, Chris was thrilled. His son Dylan drove to Michigan to the Wixom plant to pick up the car in October and Chris said the folks at the plant could not be nicer. Chris asked his son to buy lunch on him for the 20 employees that hand build the COPOs.

The 2016 models had a 200 pound weight reduction that won’t be offered in other years and different composite material for the skin. 2016 models have the spare tire removed and a fuel cell installed, along with a parachute. While being built, Chris’s car was featured in a video on Hot Rod Network magazine, #FO22.

Dan Bradfield