1971 Datsun 240z Dan & Angela from Georgia

When Daniel first met his wife Angela in the 1980s, she was still driving her first car which was a 1971 Datsun 240z. There were no bumpers on it when he met her, it had a bunch of dents, and it was black. After some time the rear end started to act up and she decided to sell it for $500. Years later she was telling Daniel that she missed her old Datsun and wanted to buy another Z like her first car. Daniel bought a 1972 white Datsun 240z that the original owner had sitting in a warehouse. He bought it, got it back up and running and surprised his wife with it. Later on, they saw an ad for another 240z in Statesboro for sale. They decided to check it out since there aren’t any 240z’s in Statesboro. They showed up to the man’s house and saw a beautiful red Datsun. They decided to take it for a test ride. While driving around Angela opened the glove box and found her old ID cards with her maiden name on it. They found out that the guy they had sold the Datsun too had put on the fiberglass interior, repainted it, and left the interior and engine alone since they were still in great condition. After the test drive, Angela asked how much the seller wanted for it. He stated $5000. Daniel wrote him the check and the Datsun has been back in the family ever since with Angela as the driver. Oh, and the white 72 Datsun with all original parts, still remains a part of their, his & hers, Datsun collection.

Nate Chamberlain