1972 Ford Mustang Grande Dave from Wisconsin

Dave made a deal with his sons: bring him a classic to restore and he'd take on the challenge. The first son to bring him a classic gets the vehicle when he passes. Dave's son-in-law, Jeff won when he brought him a ’72 Mustang Grande in such poor shape that it was barely recognizable. As promised, Dave began his work journey on the basket case. He began to scour the country for parts and had his work cut out for him since Ford only made the Grande for a few short years. As fate would have it, though, Dave found an exact match only an hour away from his Wisconsin home. Expecting it to be a parts car for Jeff's purchase, Dave was shocked when he saw the twin Grande in great shape, needing little restoration. He bought it on the spot and hashed a devious plan: salvage the usable parts from the basket case and scrap the rest at what he calls "the magnet." Dave doesn't expect to see Jeff for a year. During that time, he intends on getting the twin Grande in shape for its unveiling to Jeff, making him think he's worked his fingers to the bone restoring the original junker. And the best part? Dave plans to keep the swap story all to himself.

Submitted by Pete, Auto Sales & Service

I have been with Hagerty for a little over a year, and have 2 amazing children who keep me busy. When I’m not enjoying my time with them I have my own photography business. The creative side of me is where I’m in my Bliss. As far as the car hobby, I have had several family members with collectors and have photographed several car shows as the photo director for NM3 magazine. This would include shooting a few collector car calendars. I’ve seen some pretty cool vehicles in my time here at Hagerty, but I am craving a ’59 Chevy Apache Step-side truck to take my kids cruising in.