1956 Chevrolet C10 David from Washington

When David was in his early 20’s he owned a 1956 Chevy Pickup which he ended up selling when his son Benjamin was born. His wife Torrey pulled off the surprise of his life for his 50th birthday!
After selling his first truck, David would bring up his fond memories of it to his wife Torrey, she would tell Benjamin that “One day, I’ll get him another one”. Benjamin usually would call her bluff, but she was determined.
Torrey was on the phone with her father and telling him how she wanted to locate a 56 Chevy to replace the one David sold in his youth, she asked “If I find one, would you and Benjamin go look at it to make sure it’s a good truck?” Her father agreed. Right after hanging up the phone she decided to go for a bike ride. As she rounded a corner she saw an elderly man rolling a 1956 Chevy ½ Ton pickup out to the curb. She couldn’t believe it, got of her bike and immediately asked if he was selling it. He in fact was.
She asked Ben if she should buy it and he replied “If you don’t I’m going to!” She arranged for Benjamin to check out the truck and gave the owner $1k to hold it so they could make arrangements. She even worked out payment for the classic through a cousin so David wouldn’t notice any funds missing!
Torrey decided that it might be obvious for a 50th birthday to get David such a significant gift. To insure David wasn’t expecting anything she set up the reveal at her own birthday party at their house!
All of their friends and family were there gathered in the backyard as the 1956 Chevy was revealed with 50 black balloons tied to the bed rails. David hit his knees at the sight of his new classic!

Kyle Bowen