1969 Chevrolet Corvette David from Ohio

As a kid in the 50's and 60's David would occasionally see a Corvette in his hometown and was attracted to each one. He read car magazines from a young age and this also sparked his interest in, and knowledge of, Corvettes. Then one night when he was with his dad at the local Chevy dealership, as his dad was looking for a used 6 cylinder Biscayne or Bel Air, David saw a beautiful new 1963 Corvette Coupe in the showroom. He thought the new design was fabulous and was hooked on Corvettes from that day forward. Several years later when David was in College he was walking through the dorm garage and got his first look at the new C3 design, a 1968 British Green convertible. He instantly fell in love and told his buddies he was going to have one.
As luck would have it, his job that summer allowed him to work 12 hours a day and 7 days a week, so he was able to save enough money that with a small loan from his dad he was able to order a 1969 Coupe during his senior year. On January 3rd, 1969 he excitedly drove the car away from the same Chevy dealership where he saw the '63 several years earlier. He still owns the Burgundy 350 hp 4 speed Coupe today. He drove the Corvette every day, even in the Ohio winters, and drove it to Florida with his wife for their honeymoon in 1971.
By 1977 the Corvette was not in the greatest condition, and with two kids and family obligations, and the gas crisis in full swing, it was time to park the Corvette. Several years later David started to restore the Corvette. This turned into a 30-year project to return the Corvette to factory new condition to NCRS standards. When David could find the time and money he would restore parts and store them for reassembly someday. He even built a garage during the process so he would have a place to pull the body and do a complete frame up restoration. He retired 6 years ago and focused on finishing the Corvette. With the 30-year project completed, David took the Corvette on its first outing and won Best of Show at the all Corvette show at Roscoe Village, Ohio. He hopes to take the Corvette to a few more shows this year and is happy to be back in his Corvette nearly 50 years after he first drove it away from the Chevy dealer's showroom floor.

Nate Chamberlain