1972 Chevrolet Corvette David from Ontario

David is a Corvette enthusiast. He collects, restores and sometimes he does sell. One day he was taking one of his Corvette’s to the mechanics to be fixed. He was told the mechanic was “old school”. He knew the owner of the shop from his younger days and a conversation ensued about his collection of vehicles.

One of the vehicles they discussed was a 1972 T-Top coupe. The shop owner had originally bought from the bank as a repossession in 1973 and has stored it ever since. The Corvette was sitting up on a hoist covered up by a tarp. The car had only 3,749 original miles on it!

When they lowered the car and threw back the tarp, David said he was looking at a time capsule. Immediately David said he would buy it, but the owner was not ready to sell.

As the years passed David always returned to that shop when his other cars needed fixing and always told the owner he wanted to buy the car. Finally this past fall the owner closed down the garage after thirty years and said if you buy my wife’s 1995 Corvette then I will sell you the 1972. The two made a deal and shook hands, David tried to leave a deposit but the owner said no. Afterward, somebody else found out about the Corvette and offered the owner more money. The owner said no as he was old school and said a deal was a deal.

Everything works on the car and the original paint, Elkhart Green, buffed out like new. Even though squirrels had made a nest in the car (since it was stored with the windows down), a bit of steam cleaning brought it back and there were no cracks or marks on the interior.

He put in new fuel filters and a battery, and after a few turns of the crank the car fired up. The old mufflers blew out since they were rusted solid. Today the car runs as it should like new. David has said he has no plans of selling this car ever. It will be kept as it is: a time capsule.

Sue Anderson