1969 American Motors SC/Rambler David from Oklahoma

When Dave was a boy, his father owned this very special AMC SC/Rambler. It was purchased brand new and was used as the family car. Numerous photos from his childhood show the car as a part of the family. Dave recalls that the family owned many cars but none stand out as vividly as the Rambler. Sadly, in 1976-77 his father sold the car. Skip forward to the ’90s. Dave wanted to have the car from his childhood; he found the car still in the possession of the second owner and made an offer. Unfortunately, the owner liked the car so much he was not willing to part with it. In the following years the car was eventually sold to someone else. Now we fast-forward to present day. Browsing Craigslist, Dave found a very nice ’69 SC/Rambler for sale. After talking with the owner, Dave and his older brother (who just happened to be in town at the right time) looked at the car and were able to determine without a doubt it was the same car by the original documents with his father’s signature. The owner agreed to hold the car while Dave sold his ’67 Camaro in order to buy the AMC. The family is very excited to have the car back home where it belongs. Dave plans to keep the car for a very long time knowing that not many people are as lucky as he is in finding the car from their childhood.

Submitted by Greg, Auto Sales and Service

I have been a major car enthusiast for most of my life. One of the best things about Hagerty is that I am completely at home talking with other “Car Guys” every day. Each one has that one car they would love to own and mine is a 1966 Impala SS 427. When I am not at work you can normally find me in my garage working on my 1981 Cutlass.