1959 Ford Thunderbird David from Texas

David’s father became the proud owner of this Thunderbird in a way many Americans dream of: He won it on “The Price is Right.” In December 1958, David watched on TV as his dad was a contestant competing for the car. Back then the host was not Bob Barker, but Bill Cullen, and instead of playing all of the games we know and love today, contestants merely bid on prizes, trying to get closest to the actual price. At the time, this car retailed for $4,412 and his father bid $2,800. All the other contestants overbid and David’s father won. Their family took delivery of the T-Bird in January 1959, and it has been in the family ever since. It is still in its original condition except for a rebuilt engine and it was passed on to David, who keeps it as a way to remember his father.

Submitted by Matt, Auto Sales & Service