1966 Meteor Montcalm Debbie from Ontario, Canada

This story adds a level of "keeping a car in the family" that is unbelievable. It starts when Debbie was 10 years old and her father purchased a Cardinal Red, 1966 Meteor Montcalm convertible in February 1966. Her family was going to be driving from Calgary to Vancouver for Easter holidays and he wanted to treat them to a trip through the Rocky Mountains in a convertible. He installed an Altimeter to show them how they would go through all the different elevations while driving and end up with driving at sea level in Vancouver. Her dad was always looking of ways to educate them whenever they traveled. He had also installed a police style spotlight in the drivers side post between the windshield and driver’s door. Debbie doesn’t recall why her dad added this unusual feature, but when she had driven the car in high school, her and her boyfriend would drive slowly by the "lover's lanes" in our neighborhoods and shine the light at the cars.

Around 1996 her dad was trying to reduce the number of registered vehicles he owned and sold the car. Debbie had always regretted that she had not stepped up and bought the car from dad to keep it in the family. That car was such a treasure for her dad while he owned it and they were all sad to see it go.
In December 2008 her dad passed away and in her grief she started looking for a classic car to purchase, as a symbol of my love of classics and in honor of her dad. She looked for any 1966 Meteor Montcalm convertibles that were still on the road, but quickly learned how rare that car was. Only 514 of these Canadian cars were built in 1966, most being the S33 which has bucket seats and her dad had purchased his with a bench seat. She had looked for a car like her dad had owned and had resigned to the fact that years ago the car would have been taken off the road.

Finally, in August of 2016, she started looking for an old farm truck to haul garbage. For some unknown reason she moved to browse classic cars and added the usual "convertible" keyword to the search. Within minutes she spotted the ad for a 1966 Meteor Montcalm convertible in Calgary! She clicked on the ad and looked at this amazing car, and when she zoomed into the picture she saw what she had been looking for all these years: THE SPOTLIGHT! Debbie sent an email to the owner to ask if he knew who the previous owners had been and her heart stopped when the reply stated her dad as the original owner. This was the man who had purchased the car from him! He had the insurance pink card with all her dad’s information. The current owner had not done anything major to the car except replace the convertible roof. It had been garaged and had never been winter driven. He had only put 1500 miles on the car in the 20 years he has owned it! All I thought of while riding in the car was the song by David Ball: “Riding with Private Malone.” It was the most emotional car ride of her life!

Rosa Pacheso