1976 Chevrolet Corvette Dennis from Georgia

Dennis has owned the 1976 Corvette since December of 1987, buying it as a surprise Christmas present for his wife. This specific vehicle means a lot to him and his wife, as it was the first vehicle that their son had ever driven. They lost their son at 33 years old in 2006. He had been a member of the Police department for 12 years as a SWAT detective and was killed while on duty. Despite being fatally wounded during a chase, he was determined to protect society and took down the suspect that they were after. Dennis now gets to celebrate his son’s life and enjoy the memories they had together, as well as their love for the Corvette.

Dennis has been a lifelong lover of Corvettes. He used to have an older Corvette that he race at tracks like Fonda Speedway and Watkins Glen International raceway. He had the pleasure of racing with Cha Cha (Shirley) Muldowney, who was the first woman racer that was licensed by the NHRA to drive a dragster. Dennis was able to witness many of the records she broke throughout her racing career. He also had the wonderful help of Cha Cha's husband, Jack Muldowney, who would help work on Dennis’ car.

With this history of racing, and his family's love for Corvette collectors, his love for Corvettes will be fueled forever. Dennis plans on passing on the collector to his family members to keep the love for Corvettes going on for generations to come. Although he does not race the 1976 Corvette he does get at smile at the memories that he has made with his wife, and Cha Cha & Jack Muldowney. And every time he drives the 1976 Corvette he gets to share the enjoyment that his son once had in it too!

Jess Ankney