1931 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan Dennis and Fay from Utah

The story of this Model A began shortly after the turn of the 20th century. It all started with Dennis’s father Wayne teaching his own father Bill how to drive a Model T. Bill, a farmer born around the Civil War era, was always used to a horse and buggy. According to Dennis, his grandfather would often talk to an automobile like a horse, using commands like “whoooa” and “git.” Bill would first drive the Model T in the horse corral to get the hang of it and, when he was ready, Wayne would open the gate and let him cruise down the road. If the car broke down or Bill got scared, he'd leave the Model T on the side of the road and walk home. Dennis proudly bought this Model A in 1968 for $400. He's kept it ever since and had it completely restored so that he can teach his grandkids to drive a "real" car and keep the heritage alive.

Submitted by Brian, Auto Sales & Service

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