1968 Ford Mustang Dennis from Washington

Dennis is a lifetime military man, having spent much of his youth and adult life in the Marine Corps. The regimented schedule and strict lifestyle starkly contrasted his home life where he was the older brother of 5 sisters and a witness to much chaos. Before he was stationed the first time, Dennis’ stepfather passed away, leaving his mother to fend for herself and the 5 young girls. While Dennis was away, he was making a meager $40/wk, $20 of which he was able to send home to help his family. The other $20 he saved up for many years until he was finally able to return to the states.

Dennis had always loved the "All-American" Mustang and went to purchase one for himself only to find that the 1969 model was already sold out. A little dejected but still hopeful, Dennis spotted his now-beloved '68 custom Ford Mustang. He spoke with the dealer and found out that it was built for another gentleman who decided he didn’t want it. The dealer offered to sell it to Dennis for $3,500. Dennis had saved, but not that much, so he offered $2,500 cash, which was most of his savings. When he first purchased the vehicle, one of Dennis’ favorite pastimes was challenging people in their muscle cars to race after being stopped at a light. No one knew his 1968 ‘stang had the 403 high-performance engine, and Dennis loved watching the faces of his competitors as they found out. Forty-six years and countless memories later, Dennis still has his Mustang and loves taking his wife of forty-five years on sunny cruises.

Nominated by Amanda, Sales & Service Team