1923  Buick Model 39 Roadster Diane and William from California

The 1923 Buick Model 39 Roadster has been in Diane's family for three generations, having been passed down from Diane's grandfather to her father and then to her. Her grandfather purchased the Buick new in 1923 for a grand total of $1600, and they still have the original bill of sale. Diane's father taught himself how to drive the Buick when he was 9 years old, and has treasured it ever since.

Recently, Diane and her husband William restored the vehicle back to its original state, right down to its wooden wheels. After finishing the restoration, they took a shot at entering their first car show. The Buick won 1st Place, and earned a perfect 400 out of 400 points. The couple was ecstatic. Diane's 98-year-old father was able to see the restoration take place, and helped celebrate their first-ever 1st place victory.


Nominated by Jen in Auto Sales & Service

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