1953 Triumph T100C Tiger Don from Nebraska

Back in 1967, Don’s 1953 Triumph T100C was stolen from his backyard when a thief forced his gate open and made off with his baby. Through the years that followed, he would reminisce about it - it was baby blue and looked like a little toy chopper. As time went on, though, Don gave up hope of ever seeing it again.

He didn’t let this sour his love affair with motorcycles. After losing his Triumph, Don got into Harleys and started building his own choppers, and his love of riding just grew from there.

One day, Don received an unexpected phone call from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency. Apparently, his bike had been found by officers on its way to Yokohama, Japan. They were doing a routine VIN check and the bike came up stolen. They swiftly tracked Don down and let him know that they recovered his long-lost Triumph. Needless to say, Don was overjoyed. He’d written the Triumph off years ago as a lost cause.

After Don reclaimed ownership of the bike, he repainted it and adorned it with its original name, adding a new line below, which reads ’46 Years Later.’

Nominated by Tim | Sales & Service Team