1946 Chevrolet Model D Pickup Donald from Virginia

In 1939, a small apple processing plant was bought out by four people and they became known as Bowman Apple Products. In 1944, during WWII, equipment was needed to haul apples & supplies to and from the orchards. The company ordered 3 trucks in 1944 but did not get them until 1946 due to the shortage of metal and labor in the factories because of the war. The pickup was the only one the company kept after many years of service.
Donald started working for Bowman Apple in 1982. The 1946 pickup was still around, but was sitting behind the plant deteriorating. All of the glass was knocked out and it was rusted to the point that really all that was left was the shell and the running gear. In 2001, Mr. Bowman, the son of the original Bowman Apple owner, decided the pickup should be restored. It was taken to a local restoration shop and as time went on he thought the pickup was near completion. To his surprise in 2003, two years later, the only thing that was done was some sandblasting and it was still in pieces. Disgusted, he instructed Donald to get the pickup back to the shop at Bowman Apple. It was delivered back to the plant mostly in boxes and it sat that way until 2010 when it was taken to a new restoration shop. They did the complete restoration and had it back to the original condition in less than a year. What a fantastic job they did! After the complete restoration, it was in better shape than it was when new! Everything was put back as it was originally except the color. In 1946 it was black, but since Bowman’s business was apples, they thought “Apple Green” would be more fitting. The pickup was brought back to the garage in 2010, then covered up and rarely started.
In 2011, Bowman Apple Products was sold and Donald stayed on with the new company. In 2014, Mr. Bowman called Donald and said he wanted to talk to him about the pickup. Mr. Bowman said he would like for Donald to have the pickup because he knew it would be taken care of. Donald knew there was no way he could afford it but Mr. Bowman quickly informed him that it was being given to him. Needless to say, Donald was floored and couldn’t believe that he would do that! It certainly wasn’t something that he had ever expected.