1983 Mercedes 300 SD Edwin from New Jewsey

Ed ordered this beautiful car in 1983 right from the Mercedes-Benz factory. He special ordered the Gold color, and was gifting it to his parents for their 50th “Golden” Wedding Anniversary.

In 1995, Ed’s father passed away, but his mom could not let the car go. She could no longer drive it, but would have her caregiver pull the Mercedes out of the garage regularly, where she would simply sit in it and think of all the memories their family has shared with the vehicle.

Ed would come occasionally in the afternoons to take his mom out for a short drive, then park the Mercedes right back in the garage, where it sat for quite some time.

Ed eventually re-registered the Mercedes in his name, and he has always kept the vehicle 100% original. He actually received the Silver Star Certificate in 2016 from Mercedes-Benz for the best original car, the “Preservation & Originality” award.

This beautiful Mercedes means a lot to Ed and represents years of fantastic memories with his mother and father. Now, he is busy making some new memories in the Mercedes with his wife and daughter.

Jessica LaBreck