1969 Plymouth Road Runner Elizabeth from North Carolina

Elizabeth’s husband owned a Road Runner when he was a teenager, but he sold the car when he was young and always regretted it. That regret prompted him to start looking for a Road Runner just like the one from his youth. Over the years he restored many Road Runners but none of them felt right. Then he found this one, which was an M code (1969 ½ to be exact), in a guy’s yard with a tree growing straight through the engine bay — the tree had to be cut down just to get a good look at the vehicle. The owner still had all of the original parts in a box. They dubbed it their “Box Car.” It took four years to restore the vehicle and during the restoration, he did the work on the vehicle while Elizabeth hunted down parts, which brought them closer together. Just when Elizabeth’s husband was starting the finishing touches on the vehicle, he passed away. Elizabeth still remembers finding the car horn that has the weakest little “meep meep.” It drove her crazy. “It’s all because of that stupid cartoon bird,” she said. Elizabeth wishes her husband just had the chance to take the car out for one last ride.

Submitted by Scott, Auto Sales & Service

Growing up in the Midwest, I’ve seen all kinds of different cars on the interstates and highways, always dreaming of what it would be like to drive a 1967 Ford Mustang GT500 “Eleanor” with nothing but open road in front of me. But until then, I’m content with spending my time outdoors playing music and sports with my friends and family.