1973 MG MGB MK III Frederic from New York

Two years ago, Fred’s 14-year-old son Jason pestered his dad to buy a 1973 MGB from eBay for $910 so that they could restore it together. After Jason managed to sell his parents on the idea, the purchase was made, and a rusted out 1973 MGB was delivered to their home. A neighbor told Fred: “You might want to pay the tow truck driver to keep on driving because that barely even looks like a car.” Jason logged each and every part they restored, and he did nearly everything himself: the engine, sheet metal, bumpers, upholstery and carpet — everything except the paint. He took plenty of photos to document the restoration and learned a lot in the process. A neighbor was so impressed with the finished product that he treated the vehicle to a professional detailing. Jason is an Eagle Scout, earns great grades, and is serving as an inspiration to his younger brother, who now wants a car of his own to restore.

Submitted by Pete, Auto Sales & Service

I am the proud father of two amazing children Ethan and Aislinn. They are the light of my life. Outside of Hagerty I enjoy photography. It is my passion because I can be creative and make people happy at the same time. I love using that creativity to talk with clients here at Hagerty. I also enjoy drawing on my background in social work, which really helps me connect with people.