1918 Locomobile  Gael from Vermont

Gael bought this unique, 142” wheel base 1918 Locomobile in the early 1980’s from a gentleman whose garage was filling up too fast & needed the space.

In order for Gael to bring the car home with him, he had to pass an “inspection” from the seller. The seller had to ensure that this would end up in a good home. They had to have several “interviews” and even had to give a tour of their home, and meet his family before the seller would agree to let him take home the car. When he passed the “inspection,” he took the car home in parts and pieces about a week later. It took years and years to put the vehicle back together, 20 years to be exact! He did end up with a few extra parts that he isn’t sure where they went, but seems to run fine without them!

The Locomobile is a very unique vehicle with not many in existence today. Gael is a proud member of the Vermont Auto Club, which started in 1953. He has been a member since 1954 when there was only a few people and they now have over 400 members.

Jessica LaBreck