1937 Chevrolet Master Deluxe George from Oregon

George and Donna have been classic car enthusiasts for years, but George’s most prized project was the 1937 Chevrolet Master Deluxe the couple purchased 30 years ago. Before they could complete the project, George began to have increased complications from his battle with heart disease. After being near death several times, George underwent surgery for a heart transplant. Unfortunately, the transplant depleted his immune system and created brain lesions. George eventually pulled through and Donna brought him home after five months of recovery. But the lesions had taken a toll and George returned home without his memory. Feeling lost with little memory of anything but Donna and their Canadian Goose “Tooties,” George had no recollection of the 1937 Chevy. Over the months that followed, Donna kept bringing George back to their shop where the vehicle still sat in primer. Donna continued to encourage George to touch and feel the car, and she showed him his tools and the engine they had built together before he went to the hospital. Over time, George started working on the car and fell in love with the 1937 Chevy all over again. George took the vehicle apart and back together three times, listening to ’50s music, hanging with Donna and Tooties, and regaining his memory. Today, George and Donna have won two trophies with their 1937 Chevy Master Deluxe.

1937Chevy_2 1937Chevy_3

Submitted by Jan, Auto Sales & Service

I have lived in the Traverse City area for most of my life and feel very fortunate to live in such a beautiful region. During the last 18 months that I have worked at Hagerty I have developed a passion for classic cars. The stories and emotions surrounding these cars are addictive. I find myself watching classic car TV shows and stopping at cruise-ins! Who would have known? My ideal classic car would be 1957 cherry-red Thunderbird. One day it will happen…