1963 Chevrolet Monza 900 Gerald from Michigan

Gerald worked in a Chevrolet factory manufacturing Corvairs. When a friend of Gerald’s passed away, he bought his 1963 Corvair Monza 900. After fixing some minor issues, it was time for paint. Gerald found he couldn't bring himself to fully repaint the Corvair because it reminded him of his friend. He decided the vehicle should stand as a tribute to his friend and all people who ever owned or worked on Chevy Corvairs.

Because his friend loved going to club rallies, he chose to modify the Corvair into a rally version. Soon, Gerald was invited to feature the 63 Corvair at an event that Governor Rick Snyder put together honoring the Corvair. Corvair enthusiasts country-wide attended including designers, engineers, employees, and Gerald's former coworkers. Everyone signed the vehicle--completing the Corvair and Gerald’s tribute to his friend.

At the event, Governor Rick Snyder gave a Certificate of Proclamation to Gerald designating May 14th annual Corvair appreciation day. Appropriately, this marks the same date the last Corvair rolled off the factory floor in 1969.

Jake Pobst