1949 Frazer Standard Gilbert from Michigan

Gilbert is a ten-year client with a stellar collection of vehicles produced by Kaiser-Frazer. His mother worked for Kaiser-Frazer from December 1945 to February 1954. The company's last year of production in the United States was 1955.

Gilbert learned to drive in a Kaiser, which was the family car. In 1991, he went to an auction held by a museum, which had a Kaiser for sale. It was there that he purchased the vehicle, and he said that it “felt like home.”

Since then, Gilbert has built a fine collection of eight Kaisers and Frazers, the last of which is a Kaiser Manhattan that he is in the process of restoring. His collection includes one of the last Kaisers produced in the United States – a 1955 Manhattan, which was one of only 44 produced. He also owns a 1949 Frazer 4 door sedan, as shown at the Automobile Hall of Fame. His 1951 Frazer Silver 4-door is the last of its kind produced in Jackson, Michigan. It was in Jackson where the last of this unique marque rolled off the assembly line.

Gilbert and his wife drove to visit his 99 year-old mother in their 1951 Silver Frazer. Without telling her, he parked the car in his mother's parking lot. When she caught sight of the vehicle, she recognized the make and model right away and pointed it out to Gilbert. After nearly 50 years she could still identify the Frazer.

Gilbert is passionate about collecting the Kaiser Fraser vehicles, as they were a unique vehicle built by an orphaned manufacturer, and the memories from when his mother worked for the company.

Nominated by Laurie in the Hagerty Service Center

I am a Colorado native who began with Hagerty in Colorado in January 2015. I am committed to volunteer work with the Cancer League of Colorado and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. I am the proud Nana of 4 young grandchildren that now live in Alaska – why? Because they love the snow and ironically Colorado got more than the double snow than Alaska this year.