1950 Dodge Meadowbrook Gladys from Michigan

This particular 1950 Dodge Meadowbrook has lived its entire life in the same neighborhood in Macomb Michigan, a suburban neighborhood of Detroit. Over the last sixty years, families came and went in the changing landscape and economy of the Detroit Suburbs; however, this car and its second family remained all these years in the same place.

The original owner of this Meadowbrook used it for daily family duties, but always maintained it like the beloved member of the family it was. The Meadowbrook was later removed from daily service when the family bought a new car. The original owner kept it as second car, continuing the maintenance and keeping it in like new condition. Over time this car become a classic fixture in the neighborhood.

In 2001 the original owner passed away. Gladys and her husband purchased the Dodge, moving it just a few doors down in the neighborhood from its original home. Once this stately Dodge moved in with her family she quickly become a cherished member! Her husband enjoyed giving rides to his children and grandchildren, as he exercised the famed “getaway” straight six cruising the neighborhood. As the grandchild grew, the ceremonious Dodge Meadowbrook added a new role to her position in her family. It has become tradition for the granddaughters and their grooms to get their first ride as man and wife after their weddings where the Dodge whisks them off to their reception.

Sadly her husband has passed on, but his traditions with the Meadowbrook have not! Gladys keeps the registration and Hagerty Insurance coverage current, so her son can continue the tradition to give rides at family gatherings, and escort the granddaughters at their weddings. In fact, the oldest granddaughter now has three sons and all have asked permission to use the car in the weddings someday! It appears this grand 1950 Dodge Meadowbrook will be very busy in the years to come reminding everyone of the days when a car was more than just transportation, it was part of the family!

Reggie Horning