1966 Chevrolet C10 1/2 Ton October from Connecticut

Greg has been in the business of art for 25 years – but it wasn’t until years later that he made a piece of art and his work really took off. Always a lover of older cars with a VW bus for his first vehicle, Greg found joy in creating art from classic vehicles and 5 years ago found himself inspired to paint a picture of a rusty old Chevy pickup full of golden retrievers. There was something about the red color of the Chevy with the rusted white top that really called to him and he posted the artwork to his website for others to view, as well as sending it off to a few people he thought me be interested in using the art. Little did he know just how successful that piece would be!
After sending it out, Greg started to get calls from car companies and gift manufacturing companies approaching him to do artwork for them in a big way. Since then, he has created pieces that has been featured on tins, puzzles, fabric, gift wrap, paint by numbers, popcorn tins, greeting cards and that will be featured this year on the front page of Summit Racing’s winter catalog! He says the hardest part of his work for private sale is to not step on any trademark rights that could result in a lawsuit, so he removes any iconic badging or chrome work from his pieces to make them less recognizable as a certain brand or model.
For all his huge success, Greg was still the same car-crazy fellow he had always been – taking his family “out to dinner”…conveniently across the street from a car show that happened to be going on so he could sneak away and take photographs of all the cars to put into his work. Once people realize WHY he is taking the photos, they are always more than happy to “help” him by offering to reposition their vehicles, or park them in the light or bring it by his house for more photos and whatever else they can do. They find it so exciting to know that they may see part of their vehicle on a jigsaw puzzle or a popcorn tin!
Years of making art out of products like John Deere, Indian, Chevy, Dodge, and Farmall, not to mention covering nostalgia pieces for the Route 66 era, couldn’t help but give Greg the itch to find the perfect collectable vehicle of his own. For 3 ½ years he searched for the old truck that was meant for him and only him. Karma always intervened on his behalf though -- from deals falling through, to his daily driver breaking down on the way to a potential purchase, he just couldn’t seem to get a classic in the garage until July of 2017. That was when he found his 1966 Chevy C10…the exact same color and model as that painting that really got him going so many years before. Never in his wildest dreams did he think the truck he had painted then as a sample piece would be the vehicle he was destined to have years later.
Greg says the purchase and ownership of this vehicle has been a joy since the beginning, from a great experience with the seller, to tinkering on the vehicle and now just having the pleasure of driving it to show it off as much as he can before the snow flies. He just could not be happier with his beautiful red Chevy C10.

Katie Bott