1973 Porsche  911 T Greg from California

Greg bought his 1973 Porsche 911 T in 1984 and used it as a daily driver for many years. His wife, Teri, says that they have a million great memories in the car, from road trips to San Francisco and Monterey, to entering the occasional car show. When Greg was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, he did not have health insurance. The couple thought they were financially sunk, and knew for certain they were not going to be able to give the Porsche the restoration it deserved. Teri said that even with everything they were facing, selling the Porsche would have been the absolute last resort. This car is "the love of (Greg's) life."

Thankfully, through fundraising efforts, help from their friends and family, and qualifying for health insurance, Greg was able to hold on to his beloved classic. More than that, they were able to give Greg the unexpected gift of his Porsche, fully restored. Teri said that they had planned on surprising Greg on October 4th.

Brittany called a few weeks later to find out how the "big reveal" went, and Teri told her that they had the party on the 4th as planned. She said, "It was awesome. There were over 100 people there." Greg even got to ride in the vehicle with a friend who is a retired racecar driver. According to Teri, "it was a wonderful day."

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