1954 Chevrolet 210 Gus from California

Gus always wanted an old classic vehicle. One day, while riding home on the bus from the trade school he went to, he saw this Chevrolet parked in front of a gas station. He begged the bus driver to stop so that he could look at it and talk to the owner. The bus driver finally agreed but made Gus promise not to tell anyone.

The person working behind the counter said the owner was not around to sell it. So he decided to take the For Sale sign off the vehicle and come back later to buy it. Gus returned later and purchased the vehicle for $400, but had to have his brother drive the vehicle back because he didn’t know how to drive a stick.

Gus has attended swap meets with the vehicle and at one point bought a steering wheel that was for an original ‘54 but in a light blue. He decided to have the vehicle painted to the original color, which he thought was green, but when he arrived at the shop he discovered that it was actually the same color as the steering wheel.

This vehicle has never left his side since the day he purchased it. He met his wife Diane and would take her out for cruises. Later when then they had their oldest son they decided to park it. The car sat idle until 3 years ago. His children told their father that he should get it running again. The vehicle has now been fully restored and is forever part of the family.

Nate Chamberlain