1950 Vincent Black Shadow Motorcycle Gus from North Carolina

Gus has always had a fondness for the automobile, but as he grew into his teenage years he watched as his friends acquired and rode motor scooters and cycles. Naturally, he wanted one, too. Gus’ father was not thrilled with the idea of his son buzzing about on a motorbike, so he decided he would make a deal with Gus; if he stayed off motorcycles, his dad would get him a Corvette. Gus kept his part of the agreement and at age 15 he had a 1962 Corvette. This spurred his love of the hobby and he grew up to own several classics. Wanting to expand his collection, Gus started researching motorcycles. As a fan of quality and high performance machines, Gus decided that if he was to own a motorcycle, he would own the best, and acquired a 1950 Vincent Black Shadow. The Black Shadow was revolutionary in its design, substituting aluminum for steel in many components and sporting a 1000 cc twin engine. These innovations allowed the Black Shadow to be the fastest production bike of its time at 120 mph and reached 150 mph at Bonneville in 1948. This particular bike had an award-winning past, taking first at the Amelia Island Concourse in 2012 and, under Gus’ ownership, winning the Hilton Head Concours in 2013.

When asked if he has ever taken the bike for a spin (which would be irresistible to most people) Gus chuckled and explained that while he loves the Black Shadow, he promised his dad many years ago to stay off motorbikes, and he has kept that bond to this day.

Nominated by Cory in Client Accounts Processing

Having spent my formative years handing tools to my dad while he was under his MG, I grew up to be a full-fledged “Car Guy.” I’ve spent most of my life in Traverse City, MI, and when I’m not fiddling around with cars or boats, I love spending time in the outdoors doing anything from SCUBA diving to fly fishing. My favorite part of working at Hagerty is being in an environment with colleagues and clients who share a passion for the classics and rarities.