1955 Dodge Custom Royal Heath from Vermont

Heath and his brother Kirt frequently worked on cars with their dad growing up and consider themselves “true car guys". Their father, Real, has owned all of his cars since new including a 1955 Dodge Custom Royal Super Red Ram Convertible. With the last restoration being completed in the 80’s, the Dodge was in need of some work to be operable again. Heath and Kurt suggested that he fix the motor and brakes to get the vehicle back on the road, but Real had other plans – he intended to restore the car from top to bottom.

After the death of his wife earlier this year, Real set to work on restoring the ’55 Dodge convertible. With the help of his sons and a plan to take the Dodge to the Concours d'Elegance in Saratoga this fall, the trio has spent countless hours and financial resources toward completing the vehicle. Although Real’s cystic fibrosis and advancing age have made it difficult – it “almost killed him” – he is determined to get it done.

The joy classics bring to their family is priceless. Being "car guys to the core,” Heath advised he and Kirt intend to keep their father's vehicles in good repair and continue to display them at car shows in the future.