1929 Ford Roadster Henry from Tennessee

This collector came into Henrys life when he was younger and never thought it would be something he would hold onto this long. Henry said he built this back when he was just 15 for less than $600 total and in his mother’s garage. His dad had cool cars and a shop right next door with friends that where in the hobby and came over to make sure he built it strong enough. He never said he had a hard time getting insurance back then. But did say the first time his mom got in the car was to take it to their local insurance agt. The way Henry put it, the local agent had a hard time believing Henry built a car and the title said 1964 Handbuilt, so the agent requested Henrys mother to ride with him to show the local agent. He said his mother was scared to death!
Over the years he has put about 150k miles just when he was younger all locally. Since then he has restored 2 more times all with less than 5k into the little Ford.

Aaron Reive