1965 Chevrolet Impala Herman & Ester from Michigan

Just 50 short years ago Herman and Esther were married and decided on their honeymoon journey/destination. They decided to get away with their 1965 Chevy Impala and drive up to Lake Superior and cruise around the lake. After their wedding was complete- they spent 10-14 days on their honeymoon with their first stop in Grand Haven at a bed and breakfast. Their next stop was at “The Sands” in Traverse City! They kept a diary during their honeymoon and recorded that they stayed in this hotel for only $13 per night. Then they proceeded with their trip around Lake Superior with no reservations or plans. They chose to figure things out as they drove.
Fast forward to today: Herman and Esther stopped into the office to get a copy of their id card for the 1965 Impala on their current policy. They had driven their Impala up to the office. They explained that they had sold their original honeymoon Impala in the 1970’s because they had two children (1972 and 1975) and unfortunately car seats were too much of a challenge with the car. About 17 years ago, they found the exact same year, make, model, engine size (409cid), and color Impala that they drove on their honeymoon, and for the first time ever- they placed a bid on the car (on eBay) and bought it. Her name is “Joy” because of all the joy that the vehicle has given the couple over the years.
After having a great conversation with the two of them, they explained that they were reliving their honeymoon for their 50th wedding anniversary. They had stayed at a bed and breakfast last night in Grand Haven and were staying in a hotel here in Traverse City for the night. Tomorrow morning they plan to embark on their journey around Lake Superior once more…again with no reservations…just figuring out things as they cruise along together. They will be spending the next two weeks together reliving the joy of their honeymoon and celebrating 50 years of love and marriage together.
Cheers & Happy 50th Anniversary!

Jess Ankney