1938 Chevrolet Master Deluxe Howard from Colorado

“Lulubelle” was Howard’s first car, and she’s been with him through some of the best times of his life, including when he met and married his wife. This past summer, wildfires in Colorado forced Howard and his family to evacuate their home with only 10 minutes’ notice. His wife drove one RUV, and Howard chose to save “Lulubelle” instead of the family’s other RUV. Unfortunately, Howard and his family weren’t the only people trying to flee, and Howard and “Lulubelle” were stuck in traffic, which caused the car to overheat. Howard was forced to leave her in a parking lot, not knowing what would become of her. It was several weeks before the family was allowed to return to the area, and Howard feared the worst. However, when he got to the parking lot, he was overjoyed to discover “Lulubelle” covered in soot and ash, but otherwise unharmed. More recently, Howard’s son used “Lulubelle” at his wedding, even though his new wife’s maiden name is Ford and “Lulubelle” is a Chevy!

Submitted by Shaun, Claims

I attended MSU. After retiring from the school system I came to work for Hagerty. I live with my husband and 2 dogs and have 2 grown children. I have lived in Traverse City my entire life. I enjoy travel, movies, dining out, crossword puzzles, water color painting, the beach in the summer and snowshoeing in the winter.