1965 Ford Mustang Ivan from Colorado

Ivan was raised on a family farm in the beautiful Colorado countryside. His mother raised show horses and was very particular on how they were raised. The horses were fed only the best and freshest hay, so any of the leftover hay was sold to the old sheep farmer down the road. It was one of Ivan’s many duties to deliver the hay. Every delivery, he put the hay into the barn for the sheep. In this barn there sat a gorgeous '65 Mustang. Ivan would complement the old man's prized possession and would even inquire on buying it from time to time. The farmer who never drove the vehicle, would never sell. Ivan recalls how the car shined due to the sheep rubbing against the paint job. He chuckled, stating that the sheep were essentially buffing the car with their lanolin. Finally, Ivan decided to make an offer. As it turns out the farmer was, in fact ready to part with the prized possession. He told Ivan how he had been keeping the vehicle as a nostalgic reminder of his son who passed away overseas in the service during Vietnam. Ivan has cherished this Mustang from that point on and feels an obligation to keep the vehicle in the best condition to both honor the original owner as well as the heart-broken sheep farmer.

Alex Tucker