1978 Chevrolet Camaro Jack from Georgia

Jack's Mom was driving the Camaro on Halloween night when she was egged by some neighborhood kids. His mom, understandably upset, said, "Hold on, Jack!" and proceeded to floor it. She chased those kids down, stopped them, and told their parents what they had done to the Camaro when she got to their homes.  She was always protecting the vehicle.  Jack relayed that his sister bought the car in '78. It was passed to his Dad, then his Mom, and now to him.   

Nominated by Sue in Auto Sales and Service

My favorite car is the iconic 1963 Chevy Corvette Split Window Coupe. I've been with Hagerty for 5 years now and what I enjoy most about working here is the freedom it affords and the opportunities to achieve higher goals. When I'm not working, I love to stay active by mountain biking, rollerblading, jet skiing in the summer and snowshoeing in the winter.